Thursday, May 31, 2012

I only have a few minutes...

So the baby is cat napping, and the tv is babysitting the other two!

I'm still alive.

Actually, Lucy has been a great baby!  After a brief problem with not sleeping at night unless we were holding her or she was in the swing, we realized she was waking herself up by running into the sides of her bassinet.  Now she is in the pack-and-play and lots of room to stretch and grow.  She eats, sleeps and poops like a champ.

The other two are now done with school, but we are just getting busier and busier!  Only two days were free in May, with nothing written on the calendar, and I have a feeling June will be more of the same.  Birthday party, playdates, school cleaning, horse camp, grad parties, baptism... so on and so on.

I am currently playing the role of stay at home mommy.  I am trying to embrace it, but find it takes an effort to not feel like I should be doing something "more important."  There is no more important job than raising my children.

I hope to have a great summer full of learning, imagination, fun memories, cuddling.  Oddly enough I need to work on just letting these moments happen, as our days go by faster and faster and before I've noticed, it's lunch time and all we've managed to do is watch a movie in our PJs!  That's not very good quality time!

I think maybe we should make a list of things we want to do this summer.

Camp in the back yard
Visit different playgrounds
Go to the library once a week
Go to the County Fair
Dance parties in the dark with glow sticks
Teach Emily the alphabet
bake cookies
Have them help with chores on a regular basis so they get used to it

What else?
Alright, time to feed the baby, I'm off!


jrbm said...

With all of your plans mapped out, your summer sounds like a fun adventure! Hope to see you in the fall!

Bekah said...

Osborne or Backbone Parks would be fun and cheap daytrips with picnis. You've probably been to both, but Osborne used to have a petting zoo when I was growing up, no clue if they still do or not.

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