Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thats why there's two of us!

After my post yesterday I wanted to ask my husband exactly what he meant by this new catch phrase he's been saying. It turns out that his issue with staying home with the kids was money. The whole time he was home he was thinking about work he could be doing and money he could be making, and bills he could be paying. He doesn't usually pay the bills, but it weighed heavily on his mind. I guess I've never been concerned that we wouldn't have enough money, because I always think about how I can buckle down if I need to. Instead of fresh veggies I can do store brand frozen. Instead of whole wheat noodles I can do romaine noodles. Oh, remember those college days of drinking your supper and pigging out on romaine noodles, or pokey sticks from Gumbys. A recent study found that beer doesn't make you fat, its what you eat to avoid that hangover that does you in. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Anyway... It wasn't him being a chauvinistic pig, it was entirely different. And he says he feels just as torn when he goes to work, worried that he is missing out on our children's life... who knew!

I have felt since we moved and I have taken on the SAHM role that it is my job to take care of the kids, and his job to go to work. I wasn't sure what happened after he got home from work. I guess I figured he was at work all day and didn't need to be piled up with the kiddos. But he pointed out I had worked all day too... yeah, I guess if the kids are still alive at the end I have done my job! And I'm the one that has had the chauvinistic ideas!

So I am taking him up on this motto of teamwork, and I am going to take some time for me and go for a walk after he gets home. And instead of making a goal like losing 20 lbs or dropping 2 dress sizes, I'm going for days of exercise. My goal is 20 days of exercise, and I get something that I want... I just don't know what that is. And it can't be food. What should it be? Spa day? New shoes?

He also has a goal, 20 lbs before his birthday in March. He is thinking about a trip to the bike store to get things for bike riding... maybe.

Yay us!

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