Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I heart Social Studies and teaching! (Pick me, you'll find no better nerd than me!)

"I am interested in applying for the Social Studies Teacher position at your school. With five years of classroom experience and a strong interest and background in history and government, I know I would be an excellent addition to your staff."

This is the boring blah first paragraph to my cover letter for a job I would like to have. What I'd really like to say is:

"I HEART history and government! I am a nerd! I have such a PASSION for teaching I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life!!! I get a thrill at those "aha" moments when my students get it! I can inspire even the most resistant of history haters, because I have a talent for finding things they can relate to. I get my students to learn because they don't want to disappoint me, because they catch my enthusiasm for life long learning. I am one of those "good teachers" that this country is so much in need of. I constantly think of ways to improve my teaching, to continue learning, to make changes for the better. I'm fiercely loyal, and I would bring life and love and excitement to your school and you would never want to let me go. I'm a complete package of totally into my subject AND my students! And that's not Italicall... I also am a computer nerd, up to date on all classroom technology. And if you call NOW, I can coach several different sports! PLUS, I'm cute!"

Would that be "unprofessional"? I just don't know if a cover letter can portray this, and I'm not sure how to convey this passion and excitement in an interview in the appropriate way. They just have to get to know me! I'm thinking of choreographing a song and dance routine.

So here I am again, waiting by the phone for someone to catch a glimpse of something in my letter or resume that they like and take a chance on me.

PLEASE?!?!? I promise you'll love me!


pjmomof3boys said...

Hey, don't forget to mention that you're a kick-ass writer! :) I know how hard it is to wait for a teaching job. I'm sure that if you can get an interview, your passion, nerdiness, and "cuteness" will be impossible to contain! I'll be praying for you! I would've loved to have a social studies teacher that could make it somewhat interesting for me!
P.S. I know "people" in some districts in Iowa...Let me know if I can put in a good word anywhere!

chrissyrudd said...

Thanks pjmom! Your encouragement is so uplifting! Do you have any people in West Delaware? I'm hoping the fact that I sub there will be helpful, and the fact that they don't have to sell the area to me. Keep praying!

trinity_ray said...

That's exactly the cover letter you should write. My theory on getting jobs is that you need to know someone on the inside. Short of that you need to pester and really stand out from the crowd. Last time we ran an ad for a receptionist here at my office we recieved over 200 applications...200 for a receptionist! So no matter how good of a receptionist you are there's a good chance someone else will get the gig. Do you know any teachers who already teach there and could put in a good word for you? Is there some way to get to know other teachers who teach there? Send the honest letter...also notes from kids you've taught in the past...or whatever other creative touches you can come up with to make your resume stand out.