Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Planning

Yesterday I had an insane thought... "Is it time to have another baby?"

No, I wasn't high, or drunk. Yes, I am still nursing, so some of my brain power and will to live is being sucked out of me daily.

Here's my logic (or illogic, because, yes, I know it's extremely stupid ((which reminds me, I must tell you the story of the word stupid as a naughty word!)) ):

A conversation was had a while back between my husband and me about when to have another baby.

HIM: Why did we have two so close together? All the diapers!

ME: Wine...

HIM: Oh, yeah. When will Addie ever be potty trained? I will never do two in diapers at the same time again!

ME: Well, there is something to be said for getting it all over with at once.

HIM: Yeah, maybe we should just get it over with.

ME: Wow... is that really a good enough reason to bring a child into the world? But, we are already sleep deprived, and we are used to it, and we'd be younger when they grew up and moved out...

I know, we're stellar parents, aren't we? Besides, my kids are never going to grow up. I'm going to lock them in their rooms with bricks on their heads and cherish them forever...

That night we were woken up three separate times at ungodly hours of the morning by two children... oh yeah.

So, fast forward to yesterday. I am looking at being unemployed again for next year. I'm panicked that I will again have to resign control of my day to a random phone call at 6am and someone else's classroom rules. And, I think, "Well, if I'm not going to be working, I should just get knocked up with baby 3 in July, have him (because if it's not a boy, I'm looking at baby 4, so come on!) in April, and be set to go back to work by August because he'll be 5 months.

Sounds SO EASY, doesn't it! Don't worry, I have time to come to my senses. Just keep the cheap wine away from me!


trinity_ray said...

yes, you're stellar parents.

as for a 3rd or 4th!! ...better you than me.

no thanks.

i'm absolutely in love with jasper but when i think of even having a second child my heart races and i go into a panic.

it's all i can do now to manage one.

chrissyrudd said...

I was really feeling that way too after each girl, and then I held babies smaller than my babies, and smelled their heads, and I forgot. Keep all small babies away from Tara after Jasper turns 1!

carrie said...

you are still young! you don't have to rush anything! you should have another baby because it is what you really want at this moment! don't feel under the gun to get them all in becuase then you'll be miserable! sure they can be a challenge but above all children should be a joy! (now insert hysterical laughter) hurry up and get knocked up, i'm waiting!!!