Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishing Take 2

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Today marked our second outing into the realm of fishing. After a late night last night both kiddo's were less than stellar offspring but I have determined I DO NOT FISH ENOUGH! So off to McDonald's for a makeshift picnic and off we go to the lake. Shove some grub in the gullets and off we the potty. I am always amazed at how many things get in the way of a simple goal. But wipe and wash and now off we go to the jetty. We left mommy and Ems in the car to nap off lunch and Addie ad I marched to our "hot spot". We baited the hooks(OK i did all the bating as Addie informed me that they tickle). And in we cast and we waited. 25 minutes later Addie had determined fishing poles were so last weekend and she decided to fish with a fish stringer she found under the picnic table. I sat and waited watching tentatively as she would chuck the metal ring on the end of the rope into the water perched atop a rock hanging dangerously far out in the lake. Out it it came...out and in for the better part of an hour.

Amazingly no splash, but also no fish so after a pathetic, "I love you dad but this makes me boring" we decided to let the fish live and go for a walk and maybe just maybe a playground visit! After checking with sleepy and sleepier we headed toward the playground but we also had a nice "secret ice pop" from the concessions at the beach. Best $1.25 ever!!!

Cant wait til next time maybe we'll catch some fish!


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chrissyrudd said...

ICE POP!!! I would have woken up for that! Glad you had a good time with your big girl.