Monday, September 28, 2009

Journal Entries

The classroom I'm subbing in has journal questions each week, something I used to love to assign for morning work, along with brain teasers. I feel it really lets you get to know kids sometimes, if you can break past the monotonous answers to the most monotonous questions. This week's question here is "If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?" Oh, I can think of a million different uses!

Those of you who know me would say I would take care of business first... cash it out in new dollar bills, spread it all over my room and have way too much fun!!!


pay my debts, which would be credit cards, the house and the van. Then take care of future debts... by a fuel efficient car (preferable a 2010 Prius), hire someone to remodel the house (add the bathrooms, level the floor in the basement and put a new floor in, the bedrooms upstairs, air ducts, take out the wall between the kitchen and living room, hardwood floors, deck out front) and replace all existing appliances with the newest and most efficient. Then I'd invest what was needed for retirement and the kid's secret college fund (because I want them to work). I'd give a chunk to our church, to the school, and then maybe start a rural water company to handle our town's waste problem, and put in sidewalks. I'd also research about 5 charities that I could set up funds and give to. I like St. Vincent de Paul society and CASA.

After that, I've always wanted a "kitty car", a hunter green Jaguar, with tan leather interior and the shiny chrome kitty on the front. I don't know why.

That should about do it. :)

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The sites founders. said...

Mmmm - sweetie - think you're lookin' at an easy 2-4 mil for your wish list!! :)