Saturday, March 5, 2011

Regulations and pre-school candy

The above picture is Addie's Valentine's Day booty. Half of it (the stuff on the right) is what we pitched. The stuff on the left includes the cards. Notice that it is mostly candy!

This year Addie went to Preschool courtesy of Iowa tax payers. The price for this was a whole slew of strange regulations. Some of these included:

No apples or carrots, because they are choking hazards.

No home-baked goods because they're not healthy and people could put poison and stuff in them.

So what does one bring for a birthday/half birthday/holiday party? Food items that are wrapped. What are some of the most popular to give 20 three and four year olds?

pixie sticks
crack dippers (I forget what they are called because I pitch them as soon as I get them out of her back pack, but they're the pouches that you dip a hard candy stick into and lick off the colored sugar.)

And this happens at least once a week, if not twice! The load is usually not one small treat per kid, but a small baggie.

I gotta say, who the hell gives their 3 or 4 year old any of this? Maybe as the teacher, if I'd had a particularly bad day, I may feed them snacks with a ton of sugar at say, 2:50, and promptly send them into their parent's arms, but that's because I'm vindictive.

Most of that crap goes in the garbage. And the stuff they can actually eat (or that we actually like) is too much for us! If they're so worried about the safety and health of my child, stop giving this stuff to them... give them an apple or carrot and we'll take our chances!

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Marijanna and Shaun said...

This cracks me up. I can totally relate. (Especially the sugar giving right before they go home) We are not allowed to recieve ANY food based items from home now. They recommend here that a child donates a book or class toy that can be given in memory of that child. It would be announced to the class on their birthday and then read to the class or introduced to play with. Makes the child an even "bigger hit!"