Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wonderful Wedded Weekend Without Wippersnappers

On June 2nd we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I sometimes cannot believe I got so lucky to find the perfect match for me at such a young age, that we practically grew up together. We know what makes each other tick, we make a great team. I remember how proud I was on our engaged encounter when we cruised through the "things you really need to discuss and agree upon before you get married" as saying, "yep, check, got it, did it, right on!"

We spent the couple days around our anniversary with our friends who just moved back to Iowa in their stylish and quaint house. We sat up way too late talking, drinking and having fun, slept in a little and were greeted with eggs grilled in peppers and toast, walked to the library, ate Mexican for lunch, lunged the kiddos at the park, went out for drinks and conversation that evening, slept in a bit again the next day, and then left for home. It was like staying in a Bed & Breakfast!

But, we were with children... and we hadn't "escaped" anywhere exotic. So, we made plans for the girls to go stay with Grandma! Friday night to Sunday afternoon, free! As free as if we were just the two of us! It has been longer than I can remember since this has happened, and it was well overdue!

So as soon as the girls eagerly dragged Grandma out the door, (they literally shoved shoes on while chewing the last of their lunch and grabbed Grandma by the hand, and said, "See you later, love you, bye!" to us without so much as a glance backwards!) we looked at each other and were confused... what do we do now?

So, we took advantage of no kids and indulged in window shopping, a walk along the riverwalk, and then a Hal Jordan fix - The Green Lantern! Then for drinks and dessert at a friend's house! The next day, we slept until...

...wait for it...


Then we putzed around the house drinking coffee at a leisurely pace until we decided what we would do with our day. Hiking, it was decided, would be our activity of choice. We loaded up the water bottles, laced our boots, and consulted the book of Iowa hiking trails. Pikes Peak was looking good as we hopped into the car and headed out.

We decided to head to McGreggor, a little past the turnoff for the park, for some lunch before our hike. What a cute little tourist trap! Tons of kitchie stores, history, antiques, bars, B&Bs everywhere. After a lovely lunch at the brewery, where we sampled the local concoctions, we strolled through the town. I'm plotting a couples weekend or girls day out!

Then we drove to the park and spent three hours tromping around in the woods, not another person in sight! We covered 8 miles of hilly terrain, enjoyed the scenery and each other's company, got plenty of exercise and fresh air! We finished the day by renting the 2nd to last Harry Potter movie. Ahhhhh, it was the perfect day!

The next day I nuked gas station cinnamon rolls (surprisingly good because they were drenched in a thick blanket of creamy frosting!) and made the coffee to greet the best daddy ever (next to my daddy, of course) for his father's day! I know other people say this about their husbands, but when I say it, I mean it! Who else would put up with all my crap and our children's crap, really? We enjoyed our breakfast, went to church where I lectored (the mic was not working, again... I'm starting to think it's me because it only happens to me), and then headed out to be reunited with our wonderful little angels (said with only mild sarcasm).

Lunch with Jeremy's mom and his brother's family, and then off to my parents, where I went with my daddy to put some holes in targets with a 22, 45, and 9mm. Good times! Then home again, home again, jiggity jig!

It was such a wonderful weekend and we did so much! Several times we looked at each other and marveled at how well we worked together and all that we do together, and were just thankful that we were in each other's lives!

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Kristin said...

Wow, congratulations on 10 years! :)