Sunday, June 21, 2009

My body is Benedict Arnold...

I'm really quite baffled and irritated with my body. I used to think I was quite resilient and I knew my body well and I could take care of it. But, it is starting to betray me.

What I really want is a plan for after the surgery to make sure it never happens again. I pumped the doc for answers, but he told me like 3 times there's nothing I could have done, and nothing I can do to prevent these things from happening. But I want to be in control.

And I wonder, if this was thousands of years ago, and we were all cave men doing our best to just survive, I would have been darwined-out. Survival of the fittest, and I am not the fittest. In addition to that, my babies would have starved, thus eliminating my sucky dna from being passed on, because I'm pretty sure there were no nipple shields to help with breast feeding in the stone age.

So, I feel betrayed.

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carrie said...

your children probably would have been feed by some busty cave woman wet nurse... it's the c-section that might have been tricky... cheer up! at least your body isn't eating it's own thyroid. by rights i should be 300 pounds in a coma somewhere.