Monday, November 30, 2009

I've got spirit, yes I do! I've got spirit, how 'bout you!

I am in search of some Christmas Spirit. I believe I feel Christmas has become a little too commercialized for me this year for some reason. I think it was the Target commercial about "winning Christmas" that did it for me. I'm not even getting excited about giving gifts to other people and watching them open them. I'm nervous they won't like it, be disappointed, or compare it to their gift for me. I just don't want Christmas to be about the gifts this year.

I want it to be about Jesus and God, and I'm trying to find some quiet time for prayer to prepare my heart this Advent season... HA! HA! HA! I know, I know, I said quiet time!

I think my kids will be key to ridding me of this Scroogeyness. Addie gets that this is about baby Jesus, it's his birthday, miracles happen (like staying on Santa's nice list... that will be miracle for her!). Emily is wowed by all the pretty lights and breakables on the tree, but she also seems to get that that totally breakable baby figurine is important somehow, and she handles it with care. She wants for nothing and seem to appreciate the smallest things, like wrapping paper and boxes, that would be enough. They both give love without ceasing. I need to take their lead more. Faith like a child, right?

Here's a story I loved to read to my confirmation classes during Advent. It's all about putting it all out there, total faith, and experiencing the wonder and blessings of God by being a servant to others. That prepares our hearts for the coming of Jesus! More of that please!

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carrie said...

oh i love that story all though i will admit i could totally go for an italian sub right now... the principal at my school sent out a nice newsletter about the true meaning of christmas and she said that one thing her family does is handmade gifts from the kids. they have one day where they make and wrap gifts which she describes as messy but fun. she said she cherishes the macaroni necklaces more than anyother gifts... we try to do a christmas activity for every night in december... whether it be watching a christmas special on tv or reading a christmas story, or my personal fave...making hot (lukewarm for the kids) chocoate and driving around to look at christmas lights (or in my case in people's houses). the activites are mostly free and just a time for us to spend together making memories and traditions. it truly is a magical time of year, if you keep it simple. love you!!