Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm watching the future leaders right now.

Right now, I'm subbing in an AP Calc class. Calculus is all Greek to me. There are 9 seniors, 2 of them I've coached, one of them is a neighbor and sits for my kids. They could have blown off today, it being a 2hr late start.

They had their books open before I had taken attendance, and all but shoved me out of the way, eager to get to the white board. Each of them took a problem and started explaining it to the class. The room is full of "You missed plugging in your D value." "No, look at your dA/dt, right here." "Is that right?" "Explain that again." "Can I borrow your brain next year?"

I love it. These guys get it! Self starters, motivated to do their best, understand, explain it to others, help out. And even though I've only had a small part in a few of their school careers, I feel proud of them!

These guys are going to be the 20% in the world that are the great leaders. Have faith that this generation is not lost!


KauaiMark said...

There IS hope for the future! I've been doubtful recently.

The sites founders. said...

Ya know kid, you were always one of those kids too. You pushed, planted your feet, fought, argued, learned, grew - it's good to see that that these kids are in good hands!!

Sarah said...

There is. I get to work with many of these kinds of kids every day now. It is SO different.