Monday, May 16, 2011

My husband is the best!

I truly don't deserve the man I married. A lot of times I don't appreciate him like I should, but let me sing his praises right now.

At this very moment, he is in our master bathroom, transforming it from a plywood project into a sensational spa retreat, after having spent the whole day with our almost 3 year old, grocery shopping, planting a garden and cooking dinner. And I'm pooped!

He is very patient with me. I'm not high maintenance in the buy lots of clothes, jewelry, or shoes, but I'm difficult in my own way. He must really love me! I'm very thankful for him!


Marijanna and Shaun said...

Aren't great husbands... great?

chrissyrudd said...

He he! What's with the ... ? ;)

Marijanna and Shaun said...

I was thinking proper grammar ;)