Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby has a personality!

I'm going to give away the name we have been thinking out.  We've been trying it out on baby since New Years.  I know it's odd to say but she really does have her own little personality and this name seems to fit her.  Not only that, but she even seems to like it!  She wiggles and kicks and rolls in response to it.

Lucinda Richelle Rudd

Lucinda means light, graceful or beautiful light.  We will call her Lucy, Lu-lu, or Lou.

Richelle is the feminine form of Richard, in memory of Jeremy's dad.  Richard means strong or powerful, and Rochelle means rock.  Yep, that is so this baby!

So she'll be a strong light in our lives!  And it has a nice ring to it when said all together.  She's going to be a moose!

Only about 3 more months to go!

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