Friday, January 27, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Here is a posting from a teaching job site:

Position:Classroom Teacher
Subject Area:Athletics (Coaching) State Certified
Beginning:Aug 01, 2012
Deadline:Feb 10, 2012**
Certificate:Athletic Coach (K-12)

Job Description:
Somewhere* High School is looking for a Head Football Coach. Teaching assignments to be determined from one of the following areas: Special Education, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education or Elementary classroom.

Somewhere has enjoyed a rich tradition of football success over the past thirty years. Applicant should have complete knowledge of offense, defense and special teams, great personal skills, a high level of energy, integrity and character.

Applicants are encouraged to send a letter of application, resume', credentials, a copy of college transcripts and application form found on our website: to:

Administrator, Superintendent
Somewhere Schools
Somewhere St
Somewhere, IA 55555

Somewhere is located 25 miles southeast of Somewhere Else. A competitive salary and benefit package will await the candidate. Somewhere Schools is a 1:1 district with innovative practices and a dedicated staff.

The * means that I feel the school responsible for this should be embarrassed for it, so I changed the name.

Lets start with where Somewhere School's priorities obviously lie; continuing the "rich tradition of football success".  While athletics are very important to student development, one only need look at the cry for "better schools" from the public to see where the priorities should lie.  One thing that is agreed upon is that better schools will come from hiring the best, most qualified teachers possible.

So why is this school not advertising for a teaching position first, and the coaching second?  It seems to me that the district is looking for a quality coach, and whatever this person is certified to teach, they will be shoved into.  They may not necessarily be the best qualified for the teaching position.  Is this what they mean by "innovative practices"?

If this district were closer to me, I would love to apply.  I am certified to coach anything, and I'm smart enough to figure out how to coach high school football.  It may even be fun to try to break that gender barrier.  However, my priority is teaching social studies.  I'm not only certified to do this, but highly qualified, and I think, one of those teachers that would help a school become better.

But this is not where this school's priorities lie, is it?

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