Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My perfect job

I want to be an As Seen On TV Tester. I want to spend someone else's money to buy all the products that are advertised on those half hour paid shows, test them out for a time, and write a review to let the world know if they really live up to their claims.

First on my list: The slicer thing called the magic chopper. There's NO WAY that sucker can cut things like that. It shows up diced after it's passed through the blades, but you would have to take it out and do it again to get that result. I just can't figure it out.
Then: the blanket with arms... yes! Nothing better for a cold blooded gal who likes to snuggle on the couch.
The magic bullet... not that kind... the party they throw on the TV looks so fun! And it makes like a million things. Great as long as you have a dishwasher. I wonder if you could chop non food items up?
Spanks... I just like the name.
Bow Flex: As long as it comes with an instructor... to help me use it... otherwise you might find me tangled in all the strings like a discombobulated spider.
Slendertone ab machine thingy: Come on, great abs while doing nothing but sending electric pulses through your middle while you sit on your butt and watch more infomercials? HEAVEN!!!
Purse brite mini organizer: Yeah, right.
The Little Giant: It's a ladder... but it twists and turns and gets bigger and even makes a bridge.
Pro Caulk: No way this can work, its too easy
Sham Wow: Will I really say wow every time?
There's so much stuff that I would love to try!

Did I mention that I LOVE infomercials, and if I were independently wealthy I would buy so much crap!


carrie said...

oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!!i ahve had this conversation with several other people recently!!! i love as seen on tv things. okay so i really want that supersonic listening device, and that thing that removes your leg hairs, and i am curious about aqua globes. the snuggie however just seems wrong to me. liek it should be in nursing homes or something...

trinity_ray said...

I want to be the guy who thought up the blanket with arms. Honestly, I would have thought that as a people we were "covered" (pardon the pun) in that category...it's called a "sweater!!" The guy who pulled that one over on a half a million K-Mart Shoppers is laughing his ass off on a beach right now.

Tara said...

The only product of these that I have used is Spanx. They are definitely a girl's best friend in undergarment wear and do live up to their claims.

Sofia Nigard said...

Hi there Chrissy!

You really DO need a job! ;) If you have all that time to watch infomercials, I mean!

Hope everything is well with you and your family!

Love, Sofia

Anonymous said...

The people in the snuggie commericals look like Yoda with those things on. It makes me laugh every time.