Monday, January 5, 2009

Procrastination and New Years Resolutions

Usually, when people procrastinate, they find other things to do that are fun. Like, instead of paying bills, they go shopping, or instead of taking out the trash they read a book. For me, if there is something I should be doing, it paralyzes me. I know I should be doing X, so I don't even bother doing Y, because I'll just feel guilty.

I've been needing to type my resume and cover letter to get back to teaching. So instead I have found lots of thing to NOT do. I have not been blogging. I have not been reading (unless you count that grandma porn I finished last week, the one where the grandpa married a woman half his age 3 weeks after his wife passed... ) I have not been taking bubble baths, having facials, exercising. I have been doing the bare minimum.

I have also not been making New Years resolutions. I feel I'm doomed to failure, so why bother. I have seen some really great ones on other peoples blogs and I'm envious. What I would like to do is this:
1. Exercise 3 days a week. Do anything that makes my muscles feel stronger and my back feel better.
2. Get up when the alarm clock goes off. Snooze is the devil's tool.
3. Do stuff now. Throw stuff away, wipe down the counters, fold the laundry, put stuff back, all those little things that lead to one massive clean up right before company comes over. If I just do it right away, I won't have to do it last minute, right?
4. Get a job.
5. Enjoy the moment with my children, husband, family.
6. Take a bubble bath once a week.
7. Read one good book every month.

I think that's enough for now... which one of these do I want to do right this very minute?
Okay, I'm starting my resume.

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carrie said...

i think the first step is making a list, which you did. then try to do just one of those things everyday. for instance i used to hate doing bedsheets. so i picked thursday. thursday was a light day and that was it. there is no negotiating! the sheets get changed as though it was my job! just like i wouldn't not go into an isp meeting (ok unless it was karens...) i change my sheets. i totally think if you try to do too much to fast than your brain gets overwhelmed and you so nothing. you have to take baby steps. so work on your resume. don't eve nthink about the other things on your list until your resume is done. then when it is all done celebrate with a bubble bath. you can do it! it is important! i beleive in you! (those are peacebuilder sayings from riley's first grade, but i feel they apply here)