Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And now what?

This is what I think:

We will have to see what happens now. The next four years could be wonderful, with change for the best, equality for minorities, a recovered economy and peace throughout the world. Or they could be horrible, with censorship, a new kind of racism, a John Galt Exodus, and an appeasement policy that will encourage attacks on us and our allies.

I'm nervous, but I keep reminding myself that our behemoth of a government moves at a snails pace, even with one party in power. The disappointing thing is nothing is going to change. Government needs to get smaller, step out of the American's life, and go back to being of, by, and for the people. These experienced professional elitist bull politicians and their cronie media have blocked the chance for regular people to be included. Some of them that went to the most prestigious schools in the country are no smarter than the average person, but got in because of influence or money. And the ones that are that smart, there's something loose.

When will we get a legitimate 3rd party choice, because the Democrats are not what they used to be, and the republicans aren't even republicans? I don't feel represented anywhere, and anyone that does has been drinking the kool-aid.

It will be one for the record books. But we will be fine come hell or high water.

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