Friday, November 14, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, I finally have a tentative quiet, long enough to sit here and type out a little something. What I have been doing I have no idea. Well, the quiet is over, as soon as one hit the bed for a nap the other has awoken. It always happens that way. Just a brief catch up.

Well, if you could see my kitchen, you'd wish you never did. Same with my bedroom which has 4 very large heaps of clothes. My little one has been puking so much I am drenched in spit up. She has exceptional aim, completely missing her bib and burp rag every time. I went shopping with my mother and found a great second hand store! So much cute stuff, nice and clean. Addie finally has dresses and black shiny shoes, which she has been begging to wear non-stop. Emily has more pants and sleepers.

I went to my new doctor and everything looks good. I'm down to pre-preggo weight, just not size... how does that work? So not fair! I'm not doing so good on the workout stuff, or getting up with the alarm. (any more its before the alarm) I have been doing an online calorie counter. It doesn't like me.

And I'm still not all there. For example, I sent my husband an e-mail forward, and 2 hours later I didn't remember what it was about. I just knew it was funny. Also, the insurance guy called and asked if we could come in for a chat about something. I couldn't remember why. So, there we were in the guy's office trying to figure out why we were there. Heck of a nice guy though. We really like him.

I got one 1/2 hour nap in, which was more of a cruel joke. I could have slept for hours. Things have been drab and blah lately, so I have chalked it up to grey skies and too little uninterrupted sleep. This will pass and I will be able to be a perky and happy mommy again soon.

And now they are both up! Cruel!

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