Saturday, November 22, 2008

Culture in the middle of Iowa?

Sometimes God sends breath into your soul to lift you up and refresh it! Last night was one of those nights. It's been a week of way too much time at home, and way too much time with my darling children, and after retiring the TV entirely for the entire week during the day, I had the sad realization that watching it actually improved my mood throughout the day. But it's better that way, I should read more and engage my children in things more.

Anyway, it was Friday night after dinner and I was exhausted and I was maybe giving off the vibe that I didn't want to go to Divine Word College to see the Japanese drummer performance. Snoring, no make-up, in puke ridden clothes. It started at 7, Addie's bedtime, my zoning time, and it would be loud... I know, I'm officially old. But then my husband said something magical... "Lets swing by McDonald's and get an iced coffee." (It doesn't have crack in it like D&D, but its the next best thing because of all the sugar they put in it for that immediate jolt)

So I drug my sorry butt up and dolled up a bit and we loaded the clan into the mini. When we arrived we sat in the back in case we needed a quick escape. And then it started. 3 beautiful girls dressed in Kimonos, doing a slow and entrancing dance to two large drums, and then they whipped out their drum sticks and went at it on two even larger drums. The drumming was like a dance, hands, feet, heads, torsos meticulously choreographed. They threw themselves at the drums, and away from them. It was like watching the passionate painting of Jackson Pollock, but without paint, and more beautiful. The vibrations seemed to reach right into our core and vibrate loose good feelings.

And the most amazing part? Addie LOVED it! She clapped, danced and smiled and was riveted the entire time! Even Emily seemed interested as I bounced her to the beats.

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