Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted, now where's my coffee?

Starbucks, that's pretty cool! Do you deliver?

I VOTED! Yay! I was awakened by the lovely chatter (aka screaming) of my precious (aka demonic) two year old at 5:40am (aka way too wicked early) today. I slunk out of bed and began researching the Iowa ballot, because I didn't know who my district people would be. I looked up my federal rep and senator up for election and their challengers. Then I looked up my state rep and senator and their challengers. I felt I made an educated decision. We packed up the girls and went to the community center where I was happy to see the "vote here" signs.

I filled out the sign in sheet wrong, I didn't put my last name first. Shoot, idiot. To be fair, I was trying to keep Emily's vomit off my coat. Then I sat down at the table and hid my ballot from my husband behind the cardboard privacy box. I hide my vote from him because he acts like he doesn't care but I know he would copy. Cheater.

I was cool with my picks until I got to the really local stuff like judges. I filled in the space if there was noone running against them, but the ones with competition I left blank. I forgot that might be on there. I don't feel comfortable voting for them if I don't know them. I did however try Carrie's approach of picking a name that sticks out at me, but none of them did that for me, so I left it blank. That makes me sad, like I'm giving up. But I have hope that other people know what's going on. They also had a section that asked if these people should be allowed to serve again, yes or no. I didn't get it, so I left it blank.

I voted to amend the Iowa constitution from saying idiot and insane to a more pc term. I don't like it when they refer to me that way!

So bottoms up this evening, may it all turn out for the best!

Oh and I voted for _____________. Use your secret decoder to identify my candidate.


jeremy said...

you voted for the other guy didn't you!

carrie said...

shoot i forgot about the starbucks thing and i just drove by one! anyway good job voting!! i am glad you found the right spot. so many people i know aren't voting. that's sad.