Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cheer

I have a present under the tree. I didn't really ask for anything this year, I have been SO BLESSED with everything I have received this year, like a beautiful healthy baby, an ever growing smart 2 year old, a solid loving relationship with my husband, a house of my own and wonderful family, near and far! Who could ask for anything more?

But Jeremy has been mopey and Scroogey. Every year he plans and plots for the ultimate surprise. I don't ever get what I put on my list, which is okay, because, like I said, I'm not lacking anything. He cannot rest until he finds the perfect surprise.

This year after sort of deciding we weren't going to buy anything for each other, he fell into a little slump. He could not figure out why he was sad. And then he happened across a surprise for me!

Suddenly he was all aglow! He announces as he trounces through the door that he has found a surprise for me. He didn't realize what a huge effect getting his loved ones the perfect surprise for Christmas had on him. And now the fun begins, for both of us. He is the worst waiter when it comes to a surprise. There has never been an event where he has played it cool and waited patiently.

He then says "When do you want it, when can I give it to you, should I wrap it, do we have to wait for Christmas?"

And then the hints "I should go get them from the car. I don't want them to freeze. You should open them before or on Christmas Eve, you could use them before then." So I know it is a multiple something that might freeze outside that is usable for Christmas and was purchased somewhere in Dubuque on a Friday afternoon... (Can 20 proof liqueur freeze?)

So, as we torture each other, him giving more hints to confuse me and me resisting my curiosity to rip open the package until the last moment, I am now faced with a conundrum...

What do I get the most wonderful husband in the world?


Anonymous said...

Have you read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? Sounds like Jeremy's love language is gifts.


chrissyrudd said...

We have heard of them! At our marriage encounter, that is a good idea!

carrie said...

dude i hope its not a water bra! you know how men can be...