Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why I'm ready to go back to work.

My 2 year old pulled my hair, on purpose, and I'm sorry to say it, but it really pissed me off! I had been with them all day, cooped up in the house because it's cold, I had been barfed on more times than I can count, and the rotating nap time prevents me from taking a break. Nap time is for me! So is BEDTIME!

My tiny terror, after being escorted back to bed for the 15th time (that's right, 3 HOURS of tucking her in, time after time after time!), she asks to snuggle and as I lean down to give her a kiss, she grabs two fist-fulls of hair and yanks. And as she does this, what does she do? She LAUGHS!!! Can you believe it? And she keeps pulling, so that I have to pry her hands off me. I felt myself regressing to a grade schooler, stomping out of her room, huffing and pouting and refusing to go back in. The next time she got up, 1 minute later, Jeremy took away her juice and her teddy bear in retaliation. Take that, two year old!

So, I feel it is time to go back to work so that I can continue to like my children. I'll always have that undying unconditional love for them, but hanging out with them 24/7 is starting to grate on my nerves worse than fingers on a chalk board. I enjoy teaching other people's babies, filling their heads with wonderful knowledge, and then shipping them off to their parents, so I can go home and enjoy how wonderful my babies are!

I need to get away! I have not given into sucking down liquor during the day, but I know where it is, and I can hear it from the fridge!


carrie said...

oh honey! you need to put her back in her crib. she is running the show and she is not ready for a big girl bed. she's still a peanut. if you aren't enjoying your babies you need to make some modifications to hold you over until you start teaching. try to get out of the house everyday. that was a life saver for me. even if you just walk around the supermarket. keep a bag always packed in your car with diapers, snacks etc. it is perfectly acceptable to take your baby out in pjs if you don't have the energy to get her dressed (same goes for you if you can find a decent sweat suit thats right i said sweat suit). staying in the house is depressing and enough to make anyone want to drink. is there a mcdonalds with a playland (that can be a huge benefit as they are all enclosed and you can get a cup of coffee and just semi relax)and by the way there is nothing wrong with wanting to go back to work. stay at home momming isn't right for everyone and you can still be a great awesome fabulous mom and work too. just in case you were wondering. hang in there.

carrie said...

maybe if you started drinking before noon you wouldn't go so long without peeing...just an idea.