Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taken over by a farmer ballerina

There she is, in all her glory. Who knew overalls and a tutu were in fashion? Goes to show what I know, as I sit at my kitchen table in baggy jeans, t-shirt and slippers, drenched in my signature sent of "eu de bebe vomet". I am wearing something else... a blond terror, wearing a pink ribbon, babbling about playing on

She has taken over the computer. Since I have instilled the no tv during the day rule, except when Uncle Mike comes over, my husband wants to snuggle with the ball of fury and that's the only way we can sedate her, or in a desperate situation like sickness, body or mind (I haven't resorted to it yet!) she has incessantly pleaded to play the mouse game, which is insanely mind numbing and slow. I will begrudgingly admit that it teaches shapes, colors, critical thinking skills for 2 year olds... but I have to run it, which means I get to learn my shapes and colors and critical thinking skills. I will lose my mind to this rat with silent sidekick named Binoo (which sounds like Beano... which is funny).

How am I typing this you ask? She is in my lap, Emily is taking her morning nap, and I am reaching over the flailing arms, constantly backspacing over typos that occur because fingers are being pulled from the correct keys. But she seems to enjoy it, so hey, whatever.

I accomplished much yesterday. I called a lady in town who could become a potential friend, and asked about sitters in town. She then called me back today to invite us over for drinks next Friday... YAY! A friend! I also called the sitter. She is 33, and worked with severely disabled children until she had kids and decided to do day care in her home so she could stay with her own. We have a play date this Friday to check it out. I need to ask about cost, and if I substitute and don't get called, do I need to pay if they don't come.

I also got a hold of that lawyer. I left 2 messages, and when he finally called me back, I answered the phone and he said without introduction, "Yeah, what do you want?" Who IS this guy? After I explained what I wanted, we were trying to comply with his ridiculously timed letter (over Thanksgiving holiday) where he only gave us 10 days to come in and pay or he will shut our water off, he said, "I'm late for an appointment, I'm going to pass you back to the girls." By girls, I suppose he means his secretaries? Once again, who does this guy think he is? So we get to go in and sign and pay tomorrow morning.

I know, I know, just let it go! But it's just not fair! I did nothing to be treated like this! And it wouldn't be so bad except he appears to be an influential person in our community, and the biggest Catholic High School in the area where I might like to get a job, and he treats me like some kind of criminal! What? I am waiting for Karma here... Think good thoughts, attract positive energy. Okay, I'm done now.

Today it is snowing and it's so beautiful! We took a walk up to the church. Addie seemed to enjoy it but Emily could have left it, a little too windy for her. I would like to go play in it a little while later. I will be chugging down coffee for the heat and the energy!

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carrie said...

you know what you need to do? bake this lawyer one of your delicious banana breads with chocolate chips. make it your best one. wrap it up all pretty and deliver it to the lawyer as a peace offering. oh and did i mention to add coconut and two cups of liquid exlax. that gives it a nice taste and is a great cleansing experience! i think he might leave you (and everone else) alone for a little while. or he might sue could go either way but picture jeff daniels in dumb and dumber....hee hee hee. also try great site for addie! i got that one from my beloved mrs. nigra! good luck tomorrow and if you are bringing banana bread to the playdates don't mix them up with the lawyers! explosive diahreah might put some people off... (yeah i know i spelled diareah wrong, it's my trade mark)