Friday, December 19, 2008

Emily the animal lover

When I was pregnant with Baby 2, my mother, who was in the throws of completing a very complicated, very beautiful cross stitch of Pooh for Baby 1, asked me to help her decide what Baby 2's "theme" would be so she could make her some pictures. We looked and talked and thought, but what really stuck out was an animal theme.

It turns out it is quite fitting. Baby 2 has fallen in love with fur! Her motivation for moving, by deliberately scooting across the floor on her butt, is the cats. She sits on her own, flaps her arms and bounces as she rocks and this advances her at a speed of about 3 inches a minute. Ever so slowly, she can creep up on an unsuspecting kitty, cooing and gurgling sweet nothings, until finally she can reach out her slimy drool coated meat hooks and grasp the fur. Then either the cat or a fist full of kitty hair goes into her mouth. I will be nominating Samuel James for kitty sainthood! Myles however is not taking any chances, I think he has learned from the last one.

Recently I discovered she treats stuffed animals with the same love and affection. It may look like she is mauling the teddy bear, but she smiles and nuzzles and babbles as if to say, "I love you little animal!" This is thoughtful little Emily's baby passion.

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trinity_ray said...

Loving animals is good. I worry about our Edison with baby bean.Not Myra though...she too deserves Sainthood. She knows only "love," "eat" and "lay on my back legs spread." But she's sweet.