Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why do they make it so hard?

My brother brought over a ginger bread house kit for us to do. Looking at the box it looked like a cake walk. But they like to challenge you with warped, uneven, brittle bread and frosting that only sticks after holding it in place for 20 minutes.

Is super glue edible?

Anyway, one mommy, daddy and 2 year old later, with lots of creative ideas, laughter, and a destroyed kitchen with a floor strewn with hundreds of brightly colored 1/2 cm diameter candy balls (because I never thought the bowl of them could fall off the table and scatter!), frosting EVERYWHERE (like on top of the fridge, on multiple counter surfaces, and on the butt of my pants...), here is our master piece!

After all, since we're not going to eat it, I give it 30-40 years before we'll need to make a new one!

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carrie said...

holy cow! that's awesome! really those are super hard. i hear the secret to holding thme together is melting plain sugar in a sauce pan and when you dip the bread in it makes a super glue hold. just in case you want to make a new one next year... i am so proud of you. i threw mine in the garbage!