Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It was a very wonderful Christmas! We did Christmas eve at our new home, with a large chicken, stuffing, party pots and broccoli, and a 9pm mass. I even made cookies for Santa and we made a big deal about setting it out. The next morning we opened all the gifts. My family was very generous to us! Addie was adorned in Princess gear from top to toe. And if you are wondering what my husband ended up getting me...

It was liqueur! I have everything I need to make an Irish Russian, its quite a beautiful heritage.

Breakfast was pancakes with Vermont maple syrup (c/o the Bouleys, yum!!!) and eggs and bacon. Then we packed up (it seriously takes like 2+ hours to get packed up for any amount of time spent away... why, WHY?) and drove to mom and dads... hey, notice nowhere in this did our plane get delayed in Chicago where we had to sit and wait for 5 hours at O'Hare with babies while our parents drove up to get us and then drive back... oh yeah, that's because we didn't!

We ate, again, this time ham. And we opened presents there. The best part was spending time with family! We stayed overnight, and the next day we ate a Kringle breakfast danish thingy. Then Jeremy and I took Addie to her first movie, The Tale of Desperaux. She loved it! Sat through the whole thing, which either says she has a great attention span, or she watches too much TV! I'll go with choice no. 1. Friday evening we went to see our good friends Kurt, Amanda and Elsa in CR.

Saturday morning was the Rudd family Christmas. Don't even get me going on the amount of food that was there! We ate ourselves sick and had a great time. Emily really got into opening her presents. The best present was the wrapping paper!

On Monday was Tara's shower which was a lot of fun. I liked the games, but I couldn't concentrate to save my self because Emily was in the other room playing half the time and grumpy the other. I hope Tara's not scared by the "war stories" of labor. T, you're going to be just great! You've got a good doctor, you've been taking care of yourself, and millions and millions of women do this every day! May it go quick and smooth at least 2 weeks late!

Now we are home! So that's that. Watch for pics soon. Next up is New Years! Cheers!

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