Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling settled

I noticed it on Thursday when we went on our weekly lunch date to Pizza Hut. "Our" waitress greeted us with "Oh, it's Thursday again, isn't it? Two Iced teas and a milk?" And then in walked a woman and her son that is part of our story time at the Library. We are regulars!

We had our first ever pumpkin carving contest. 22 friends and family attended, bringing pumpkins and treats, and we gave tours of our new home. It felt happy to have our family at our house. It was bright sunny and 60 degrees out, the perfect fall afternoon. We drank Oktoberfest and hot cider. I didn't run around all crazy scrubbing things, just a quick pickup and sweep and vacuum and we were ready for guests.

On Sunday we went to Jeremy's school for Mass and an international potluck. It was relaxed and enjoyable. Mass was in 8 different languages, and by the end Addie was speaking in her own tongue. She pretty much stuck to crackers but I had Vietnamese, Colombian, German, Sudanese, Korean and Filipino cuisine. Yum!

And we finished up our weekend cheering those worthless bums called the Red Sox on. I knew I shouldn't have changed my underwear. It was a weekend full of contented sighs and smiles. Surprisingly relaxing for being so busy.

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carrie said...

i'm glad you had a great weekend and are feeling settled! also i am glad you changed your underwear. it was time. three months is long enough...