Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unexplained Natural Phenomenon

Unexplained natural phenomenon that occurs in our household include: magical kisses, last things said, and mysterious alarm clock shutoffs.

I never thought "Here, let me kiss it!" would ever work for my child. But time and time again, when faced with uncontrollable wailing due to an actual or perceived boo-boo, the offer of a mommy kiss on the injured area usually always results in a sniffled "that's better, thanks mommy!" followed by immediate wiping of the last tears. I am both surprised and proud that I hold so much power over pain in my child's life. I am SUPER MOMMY! Whose magical kisses solve every problem! Now the only problem is there will come a day when it will no longer work! :( But until then, I will don my cape and tights and kiss away!

Another baffling conundrum is the last thing said. It is usually an important reminder to do something, and this something is never done. Wanna know why? Because it was the last thing I said. For example, if I told my husband, "tomorrow's Wednesday, please remember the recycling and garbage go out tomorrow." and then we fall asleep... it will not get done. However, if I had said the exact same thing and then we had a conversation about which way the toilet water swirled in the southern hemisphere, it would have been done. As I type this I am looking at the spot at the edge of the yard where the garbage should be. Heavy sigh.

And finally, mysterious alarm clock shut offs. I set my alarm for 6:30 am every day. This gives me enough time for a shower, breakfast, kitty chores and laundry before both my children wake up. However, rarely do I actually get up at that time because my alarm is somehow disarmed. I don't know how it happens, it just does. So then I am woken up by the soft, then loud calls of one of my children at 7:30. Why doesn't the snooze work on them?

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carrie said...

ha! those magical kisses work on husbands too after you bought something you shouldn't have. also, my alarm clock gets shut off as well except it's totally me that shuts it off. oh and which way does the water swirl???