Friday, October 24, 2008

the vet, the view, and my husband blogging!

My cats are my babies too. So when I found an unpleasant surprise in one of the litter boxes I was worried and started looking for a vet. I found only one review of the first vet in the phone book. Mary K gave him 5 stars, said he was nice and gentle and reminded her of James Harriot. I used to love his writing! So I was taken and gave them a call. Sammy had an appointment at 8:30 this morning. He went into the box without a fight. He didn't even complain until the car started moving. He didn't hiss or spit until we tried to give him some meds orally. I now have 3 1/2 inch cuts in my palm. He hates vets. Ever since the one told him he wasn't a Norwegian Snow Cat. What do they know? We get to give him his oral meds twice a day... lucky us!

As we were driving home I noticed the wonderful view across the bare corn fields. I wish you east coasters could see it, it is a heavenly sight! The corn is being harvested and it is possible to see for miles and miles! Its different from looking across the ocean. The hills roll and the land in the distance is covered in a hazy blue mist that blends into the sky, so it looks like it goes on and on for eternity. There are few things to block the view, a lonely farmstead with some barns and a silo (which I like to imagine hold international ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads left over from spy days of the cold war!) and maybe a small herd of cows. When I see these 100+ old farmhouses they seem so stoic, out there in the middle of nowhere. The view is the same from my kitchen window, and is especially pleasant when the sun is shining in in the morning. I'm excited about the first snow where everything looks clean and fresh! I will sit in my pjs and fuzzy slippers and sip hot chocolate, and blog away!

Speaking of blogs, my husband now has a blog. He agonized for 20 minutes on how to name it something clever and witty. I think its great that he is going to do it, but that means he will be reading mine more frequently. Should I censor myself? Or just curb the references to pillows? Will his stories hold the same flavor as when he animatedly tells them, with twinkly eyes and flushed cheeks? I find myself less inhibited when I write, and more a wallflower at parties, but he told me last night I was being cute and lively at a pot luck we went to for a co-worker. Sometimes I just clam up and I feel socially inept. I need to work on a list of topics to discuss for different situations, and when I run out of things to say I can pull my list out of my bra and pick something. My first topic, "things to carry in your bra."

My next challenge is to figure out how to post pictures on this. I need to find the camera today first!

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carrie said...

wow! i wish i could see the corn fields with you. they sound beautiful. i know what you mean about the censoring thing, but i say don't hold back! you have to have some outlet and it makes them more fun. it's all about the fun. also, i would just carry your boobs in your bra. they are fabulous enough and a conversation piece of there own... unless someone is passing out dollar bills, then it is acceptable to carry those in your bra.