Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night was the Petersburg Trick or Treat and Halloween Party. This was Emily's first, Addie's third, and our first time actually handing out candy. We actually went through an entire huge bag of candy! It was so much fun! Addie put on her dress at 3pm and refused to take it off for dinner.
Every time the door bell rang she would leap up and exclaim, "COSTUME PARTY!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!" and bound to the door in her gown, glass slippers and tiara! The door would open and she would ooh and ah at all the costumed kids. There were some really cute ones.
Then at 7pm there was a party at the community center with cookies, punch, musical chairs and a costume contest. Emily won third place in the 0-3 year competition. I met 2 other moms with the potential to hook up for play dates. One of the moms I had over at my first play date asked if we could start something up on Fridays after harvest. Another mom invited us over on Tuesday. We had a great time. The meltdown came when she started brandishing her glow stick as a weapon and hit another 2 year old boy, then the father took it away. To be fair to Addie, she got the idea from the little boy and was just playing along. But then it was time to go.

Here is princess Addie... she loved her costume so much, it was the first thing she asked for this morning. I held out until 11. I also insisted she take it off for a nap. Wait until Christmas when she gets the other 4 princess dresses in her treasure chest!

This is how the night ended...

The glass slippers are off! Prince Charming will have to wait!

But where is Emily? Due to the excessive drool, we didn't get as many shots of her, and they are all on my dad's camera. Dad, if you read this, can you send them my way?

Don't worry, its not Halloween yet and I will stuff the duck one more time for pics!

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carrie said...

so cute! it sounds like it was a really fun night. i love how you put the pictures up on here it really adds to the story.