Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good for me!

I had such a nice lazy Saturday today! I got up early to feed Emily, but then snuggled back into bed with Addie, then got up to a pancake, egg and sausage breakfast, then snoozed a bit more while Addie watched cartoons. I changed out the summer/winter clothes and put the laundry away.

Yesterday, after playing on the playground for a little while, we went into the little elementary school and I met the principal and signed up to volunteer on Mondays! Yay! I go into pre-school this Monday. My brother will watch the kiddos if he doesn't have to work. I'm excited to be out of the house, useful, and into a school atmosphere.

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carrie said...

so your getting a babysitter for your kids so you can be around even more kids?!? oh honey, when you have a babysitter your supposed to do something selfish like buy a hot dig and walk around target, get a massage, or go take a nap on a park bench (oh wait that's homeless, nevermind) any way you get my point. just kidding, i think it's great! and if nothing else a room full of three and four year olds is the best contraceptive in the world. love you!