Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I just chew and chew and chew...

That's the way I am. Something makes me mad and I chew on it, rehashing every word, contemplating what I should have said, what I will say next time, visualizing grabbing hold of their family jewels, squeezing, twisting and ripping them off!

And I'm pissed. Let me start from the beginning. I got a call from the bank, asking if we had a written agreement with our neighbor for the water she supplies us from her well. I didn't know so I talked to the neighbor, sweetest older lady you could ever imagine, and she gave me the number of her lawyer and son because they handle all that. She also reassured me up and down that she would never shut off our water.

I called the lawyer and left a message with the secretary that I wanted to know if there was an agreement. It took a while for him to get back to me, but we ended up playing phone tag. I finally got hold of him and before I could even talk to him he abruptly cut me off saying he was too busy to talk, he was preparing for court, and then he said goodbye and hung up. I was expecting a call back, but I got a letter asking me to come in to discuss the "problem" I was having with my neighbor and to bring my abstract or deed in so he could write up the water agreement. I shoved the letter into my "I'll get to it when I have time pile".

Saturday I got two letters from this asshole. One saying he couldn't understand why I was not cooperating with him and another was a copy of one he sent to my neighbor. In this letter is advised her to shut off our water, to raise the yearly price, to have me pay for his legal services, and that I only cared about getting my rights.


I was unbelievably pissed. I talked to the neighbor. She thought it was all a misunderstanding. I wanted to speak to the son, just to make sure he knew I wasn't at fault. I got the daughter in law that day and she said, "well, she's not going to live forever, and then you people will have to figure out something else. You're making a killing off this deal, do you know what we pay for city water?" As if I was taking advantage of the situation.

I think what happened was someone, maybe the son, told the lawyer that we needed to write up a contract, and then nobody told me. When I called that lawyer on Monday, I asked him who had requested the agreement be written up, because it wasn't me, all I requested of him was to tell me if there was one. He said "everyone is having one written up." Which after talking to the son, thats what they would like to have done and they are working on it. I told him we were paid up until January 1st and I'd get to it when I was damn good and ready! ( I didn't say it like that, but that was the tone I used.)

I think its a good idea, and as the son said, its just good business, but I tell you what isn't good business, pissing off potential new customers. Because I intend to tell my story to at LEAST 10 people. I already told my banker the lawyer was being a real jerk, and as soon as I said his name she was like "Oh, say no more! He's a piece of work." Do you think I can report him to the better business bureau?

I better not have to pay the whole fee. I will grudgingly pay for half of it because that would be fair, but just giving that much of my money to this douchbag is more than he deserves. But to pay for the whole thing, no way! I'd want to pay my own lawyer who might treat me with a little more respect.

Now imagine right here a whole line of curse words... that's how I really feel about it!

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carrie said...

oh i like being able to insert my own curse words. i imagine them in your little iowan accent. also the work italian is in there somewhere. just because it's fun when you say it.