Thursday, October 2, 2008

No time for intelligence

So I'm taking this course through the library about the cold war. We read books and watch movies and discuss our experiences during that time (I thought Star Wars was a movie...). Aside from being totally backed up by how biased the first book was, I was also constantly bewildered at how my family knew I was reading. Each time I reached for my 234 page book, the baby wanted to be fed, or the 2 year old climbed on the sofa to leap from it, or my husband wanted some form of attention. It took me the whole week, with a major push today, and I still have 13 pages to go.

I used to be sort of smart. I used to polish off a book of that size in maybe two days. I just found it so hard to concentrate. What a difference being pregnant and breastfeeding makes! Pregnancy brain is not a myth.

But I have career goals that I would like to achieve, and I can't help but think its going to be a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be to go back to school. I think raising my children will be easier the older they get, but I don't really know.

I crave CNN. I long for news sometimes. What is happening in the adult world? I get irritated with my husband when he wants to watch "Dirty Jobs" while an important political debate is on, even though its a little boring and they're both idiots. It's still adult! Let me have my adult time!

But hey, he did take one for the team today and watch cartoons with the 2 year old and cook dinner while I polished off another 10 pages in my book. That was awesome. I wonder if he would do that every night while I wrote my thesis for my Masters?


W. Keller said...

And - - errrrrrrrrrr - - mmmmmmmmmm - - no time to spell check either??? :)

Love ya sweetie!!

Da Daddy

chrissyrudd said...

Are you sure you want to give me crap about this? Now that I'm at home all day with "nothing to do" I could critique your blog... :)

Besides... what if I meant to do it? What if I was just being funny?

Alright, I changed it...