Friday, October 17, 2008

My husband is the veggieman!

My husband is a genius! Our daughter will put nothing near her mouth that resembles a veggie. We sneak them in by feeding her flat earth chips and juicy juice harvest surprise. She might eat meat, but what she loves is carbs. Give her plain bread and butter any day all day. Potatoes, chips, crackers, cereal, pasta.

For the last two nights my husband has humanized the small veggie pile on her plate, giving them personalities and feelings. They want to be with their friends in her belly, they'll be so sad if they are left on her plate, but if she eats them they will be happy and have a party!

To date: 1 piece of broccoli, 5 kernels of corn, 3 peas and 4 carrot bits reside in her belly and are partying with their friends noodles and potatoes. May he continue to have success deceiving our child!


carrie said...

my mother used to do that to me with cheerios. now i see my cereal bowl as filled with little gentlemen that want to be in my belly and my belly only...
good job jeremy!

W. Keller said...

Or, you might end up with a warped and demented kid on your hands, talking to veggies and threatening to gobbel them up if they don't shape up!! ")